5 Creative Tips to Spice up your Workspace


The spaces that we occupy normally influence the way we feel and behave. Recently, we would find ourselves  working in front of the computer more often and whether your working at home or in the office, you want that daily space to keep you inspired. Your ideal workspace should reflect who you are and bring out your productivity so questions like “What colors inspire you”? “How can you incorporate these colors in your space”? “What look are you going for (Vintage, Trendy, Classic)”? should be answered. Personalizing your space can be real simple and fun to do.

Here are 5 Creative Tips to Perk up your Workspace


1. Add Inspirational Picture Frames

Picture frames can turn out to be your best decorative accent. Having DIY artwork can help complement your overall workspace look altogether. Instead of placing the traditional picture of you and your friends, go online and print out quotes that inspire you and/or the starting letter of your name if you’re going for a more minimalist look. In National bookstore and SM home, picture frames range from php 100-450.

2. Decorate your Chair

The chair we sit on for hours is an overlooked detail. Give your chair a  chick feel with synthetic fur you can buy at Wilcon Depot and accessorize  it with some accent throw pillow.


3. Turn Photos into Art

Keep your favorite photos of you and your loved ones and turn them into art. Attach some photos into a sting or paper twine with either a bulldog or paper clip and tape them to the wall or  under your shelves.

4. Reveal a Personal Side

Your workspace should express your personality. You can keep your Favorite Books at Bay, A simple gallery of the collection of books you read can add life to your workspace. If you are a gamer, you can exhibit your game boxes. You can also display your favorite perfume or a souvenir from a country you just visited. For naturalists you can add flowers and plants.

5. Choose a Desktop Picture

Depending on your theme, the desktop design of your computer must follow. Choosing the perfect desktop picture may be a challenge. Luckily sites like Pinterest and Tumblr come with an array of free desktop pictures you can choose from.


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