New York City, I love you

Reminiscent of Natalie Portman and Bradley Cooper’s “New York City, I love You,” I was reminded of the hodgepodge of love stories – both the fictitious and real. This post is about a  real love story of how I fell in love with the #bigcitylyf.

Truth be told, the time I had in the city will always leave me wanting more. I long for more time to explore the hole in the wall rooftops, hidden cafes, or specialty bars. While I was at University, I constantly squeezed my mid-semester breaks to discover the city. I thought to myself — a four hour bus ride wasn’t bad for a weekend in the city.

Summer trips left me perpetually hanging, and thanksgiving breaks? The biggest tease of all! So yes, although I deem my time in the city to be insufficient, this made me appreciate the city and discover places, shops and cafes. Now my only hope is that these photographs will be able to transcend my experiences and vividly outlive my raw memory of the city.

New York, I love you!

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