Soaking up the Balinese Sun

Our next travel destination was to hit an Indonesian island surrounded by the cacophonous sounds of waves hitting basalt, the refreshing smell of incense, and rich array of Hindu culture. The Balinese religiously manifest tenets of karma, non-violence, and truthfulness in their everyday lives.

Dorotea and Louise packed their bags to get ready for our much awaited graduation trip!


Upon arriving to Bali, we were welcomed with the brimming smiles and inherent hospitality of the Indonesian, who spoke both Bahasa and Balinese (a mixture of Malayo-Indonesian). We were then handed out fresh orange juice with mint leaves to refresh us from our 3 am flights. Excitedly enough, the sun ushered out the beginning of our week long stay in Uluwatu and Seminyak.


One of our best buys was the traditional Indonesian clothing called “Sarong”, a long rectangular fabric with printed designs often depicting Balinese animals and plants . Our sarong was worth 100,000 Rupiah and had embroidered gems.


Uluwatu is located at the Western tip of the Bukit Peninsula and overlooks gorgeous cliffs. It is home to waves and beautiful cliff walks overlooking the Indian Ocean. Surfers from all over the world conglomerate in Uluwatu to catch the most gorgeous waves. While you’re there, it is common to see monkeys randomly cross the street from time to time. What’s more surprising is that, when entering local shops, you would catch a glimpse of these monkeys eating crackers or just sitting idly by the counters. Our advice — be careful of all your belongings or beware of the monkey snatchers!

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On our first afternoon, we wanted to try out authentic Indonesian cuisine. Sitting by the restaurant in Alila Villas, we tried out chips that came with flavorful spices. There was an array of condiments to choose from. This is recommended for those with all types of palates. A spicy mango dip for the more daring ones, and fish shavings for those who like it salty. We very much enjoyed the Nasi Goreng, a rice dish with a choice of poultry, vegetarian tofu, or pork. As for the rest of the day, we enjoyed discovering and looking around Uluwatu.

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